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Man Doing Floor Exercises, nutrients provide fuel for your success
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Men exercising, Nutrients provide fuel for your success

Nutrients provide

fuel for your success

Physical performance is markedly influenced by the nutrient composition of the food you eat.


You are solely responsible for your athletic capabilities and success, why would you not want to learn which foods your body needs to

support your energy production, its repair potential and optimise sleep.

At Team Gene we examine specific gene-nutrient interactions

 and the effect on nutrients that are needed to supply your body with

the substrates you need to carry out strenuous exercise.

Take responsibility to understand your gene-nutrient interactions

 and start eating smarter for your body's demands.

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We test for genes that are involved in nutrient metabolism, synthesis and utilisation that could affect performance.

Personalised information you need for the demand you are putting on your body.



Research has found that using your genetic data, which holds valuable information, could modify your nutrient response that if unsupported, could affect your health and therefore performance.


Including gene-nutrient information with actionable advice has been shown to motivate athletes to focus on the foods that support energy production, initiate repair and support sleep and lifestyle regimens.


This allows you to eat smarter, so you can work harder to achieve your goals.

Our Reports

Our Reports

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Energy production is of vital importance to any athlete.


Exceptional energy production starts at the cellular level. Energy is needed to fuel muscle movement and the transportation of nutrient compounds across membranes, which drives energy production.

These essential reactions can be positively influenced by the nutrients you eat to optimise athletic performance.


Conversely, nutrient deficiencies and not making rest and repair

a priority can contribute to fatigue, muscle

weakness, and pain. 

The first step of energy production is ensuring you include the correct amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, as these provide glucose, which is stored as glycogen ready

for that energy need.


Another important factor of energy production is the supply of vitamins and minerals, as these are vital cofactors that facilitate energy production.

Your genes modulate enzymes that facilitate the transport of important nutrients and regulate the availability of certain vitamins and minerals specifically for energy production.


Unfortunately for some, these processes are less efficient, so you need to understand this vital information to ensure your intake of certain nutrients

will support your energy production and help you achieve that next accolade.


You train hard to achieve your best in the discipline you have chosen, and your results reflect how you are fuelling your body with the appropriate nutrients.


This allows you to produce energy smarter, but your training programme needs to include the appropriate rest and repair

for sustained excellence 

Intense training puts athletes at higher risk of free radical production, resulting in increased levels of inflammation. This is a natural result of a chemical oxidation reaction (redox), a process that occurs in the body during exercise. 

Restoring the body with antioxidants to reduce the redox reaction, along with understanding which nutrients are most suitable for you, is crucial for restoration during and after training. 

You could be at risk of increased cellular damage or have an increased risk of pro-inflammatory processes which could

lead to an overactive immune response, resulting

in reduced recovery capacity.

Your genes code for many enzymes that are involved in the transport of antioxidants that reduce free radicals.

This important information will ensure you understand the beneficial nutrients that can support repair and offers practical tips on the importance of rest. 

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The best training, dedication, and determination are lost without rest and recuperation.

Recovery through rest and sleep gives the body time to repair and rejuvenate for the next competition.

Research has shown that genes are involved in your sleep cycle, in particular, sleep duration and sleep quality.


Therefore, including gene-nutrient associations associated could support improved cognitive performance.  

Many athletes use caffeine as a stimulant and for some this is a very successful strategy. However, for others, the response or timing of caffeine is paramount to the expected stimulus, and this report highlights whether caffeine is your friend or foe.

Bonus Material:

This report also contains bonus material that highlights practical tips for restful sleep and travel tips to support you when competing or training in different countries and time zones. 


At Team Gene, we believe our reports support all athletes from newcomers, fun runners, weekend warriors and elite athletes.

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