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Energy Report

This report looks at the nutrients and genetic information that is involved in energy production.


The body generates energy via a complex process called the Kreb's cycle. This chemical pathway uses cofactors obtained from the breakdown of molecules from carbohydrates, protein and fats that are released to fuel cellular processes.


Your energy production can be dependent on the availability of certain nutrients. For some, your genes influence the availability of nutrients or can have an effect on the transportation of nutrients to cells, this is vital information, helping you to support your energy production for the success you deserve. 

Energy Report

Repair Report

This report looks at the gene/nutrient interactions linked to cell protection, antioxidant status, predisposition to inflammation and possible response from foods.

 Understanding this information allows you to include the nutrients that

support cellular repair.

This is vital information, helping you to support

recovery processes from exercise.

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Sleep/Lifestyle Report

This report looks at certain genes involved in sleep, many people have trouble getting to sleep or

awake during the night.


Practical tips to promote relaxation and how to prepare for sleep.


It also reports on caffeine that is useful for some but not others. 

Recovery Report
Sleep/Lifestyle Report

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