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Life Report

This report includes genes involved in the types of food choices, inflammation, collagen, Vitamin D, Detoxification, antioxidants incl two main pathways the body deals with oxidants/superoxides and methylation. Taking into consideration feedback loops and cofactor gene/nutrient interactions. This report has the adaptability to include the genetics behind the metabolism and detoxification of certain medications. Practitioner pricing is available on request, please email for full details.

Life Report

  • You have paid for a DNA test kit that will be posted out to you either on the day of order or the next working day to the address you have advised.

    When you receive your test kit through the post, please follow the instructions and return the sample to Team Gene as described in the  'How to guide' enclosed in the test kit.

    Once Team Gene has received your kit, the sample will be sequenced by our lab and we will advise estimated date when your report will be ready.

    If there is any reason for us to contact you, we will use the email address you have submitted when buying this report.

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